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Program for controlling Windows Update

from the author of DelinvFile, SharePrep and OneDriveRx 


WinUpdtRx 1.03 supports Windows 10


Version 1.03 adds a Restart Computer function to facilitate the Fast Startup option in Win-10.


If you are tired of seeing the following messages from Windows Update, WinUpdtRx can help: 


Getting Windows Ready
Don't turn off your Computer



Beginning with Windows 10, Windows Update is set to operate in Automatic mode.  The options for turning off the Automatic mode in Win-7 and earlier Windows systems has been removed.  Your ability to pick and choose which updates to install has been removed as well.

In other words, Windows 10 is taking away your ability to specify "if", "when" and "which" for Windows Update.

There appears to be no way to reclaim the "which" function.  However, one can disable and enable the Windows Update function to achieve the "if" and "when" for Windows Update.

WinUpdtRx is a special utility program to give you control over the scheduling of Windows Update for Windows 10.


WinUpdtRx provides a convenient method for disabling the Windows Update function for the times it would be inconvenient to allow Windows Update to process and for enabling the Windows Update function when you prefer Windows Update to process.


The program is not intended to be used to permanently disable Windows Update. Some Windows updates are critical and many updates are necessary for system security.


Upon purchasing a license, you will be sent a Registration Code which you enter into WinUpdtRx to complete the registration process. This will enable all of the program's functions without restriction.


Download WinUpdtRx - Utility for Disabling / Enabling WIndows Update   Click to access download page for WinUpdtRx

The current version of WinUpdtRx is 1.03.


If you travel with your laptop, you may not want to allow downloading or installing of Windows Updates until you return to your office. Further, you do not want your laptop to start downloading updates during a critical presentation.

If you are on a metered connection or your web access is otherwise limited, you may want to avoid Windows Updates until you can take your laptop to the public library or a place offering free Wi-Fi.

If you are taking that last 5 minutes to check your Email before rushing out the door, you do not want Windows Update to take over your computer.

Note - when Windows Update is disabled, you will not be able to install new Store apps and your system will not be able to search Windows Update online for new drivers, etc..


Note - when Windows Update is re-enabled, you may have to run several update cycles to process all applicable updates.

Trial Period and Limitations

WinUpdtRx is marketed as Shareware.  This means that you are free to try the program prior to registration.  You are allowed to test this software for fifteen (15) days in its Fully-functional mode.


Once the Trial Period expires, the Disable Windows Update function is disabled.  The Enable Windows Update function remains enabled in case you want to enable Windows Update after the trial expires.


The program must then be registered to regain its Fully-functional mode.


WinUpdtRx requires Administrator rights for execution.

Site Licenses

Site Licenses or Multiple-use Licenses are available for larger organizations that need them.  These licenses are priced based on the number of computers that would make use of the program.  An additional 25% discount is available for Site Licenses for educational institutions, public libraries and government facilities.   [Request a Quote]

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